Next step in building our network is to create 4 instances.

Each server will use 1 OCPU ARM and 6GB RAM

Let’s build a server

Create Instance

From Menu select Compute/Instance then click Create

OCI Select Compute/Instance

Then click on Create Instance

Create Instance Button

Now you will create your new instance

Define your server name – It has to have appX in name to use build script which will be provided later on.

Name server like


Then select the compartment which you created in the previous step.

In Placement section click Edit in top right corner and select AD1 and Fault-Domain1

ServerAvailability DomainFault DomainIP
app1AD 1110.10.1.11
app2AD 1210.10.1.12
app3AD 2210.10.1.13
app4AD 2310.10.1.24
Table 1

Image and Shape

Click Edit button in top right corner to expand this view

Next to image – click Change and select Oracle Linux version 8

Next to shape – click Change and select server AMPER with 1 OCPU and 6 GB RAM – use slider to adjust as needed

Select image and shape

View after update

selected image and shape


In the networking section, you will specify the location of the server

select public VCN and public subnet, public IP

Click on Advanced Option and set the hostname and internal IP – follow IP in Table 1 as they are part of the setup script.

Public Key

Define a public key for your instance. You can generate a key in this step and download or you can pregenerate it using ssh-keygen or putty on windows.
I generated a key and passed here my public key.

A good practice is to set a keyphrase when you will generate a key for your use.

Public key

Boot Volume

The last step is to select the boot volume. As we can use 200GB we will set 50GB per each server


Now you can click Create button. The server will be created in couple of minutes.

Create Button

On instance page you will see a progress of the build process

Instance Build Process

Please follow this instruction and create all 4 servers, the next step we perform server installation of all applications to prepare the server to work.

Note a public IP – you will need it to connect to servers.


Mariusz Antonik

Working with high availability network supporting high traffic application


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