Oracle analytics can be setup as public access, and then access private databases in your private VCN or on-prem.

To set up a connection setup Private Access Channel.

In DNS tab add list of subnets to which you want OAC to have access throw PAC ( Private Access Channel)

In DNS find a DNS name of the ATP database to which you want to connect.

Setup JDBC connection using ATP hostname matching allowed DNS entry – this is important to set up a connection. If this hostname does not match the permitted DNS entry in PAC then you will get an exception – Connection request rejected based on current filtering rules

Private Access Channel configuration

When configure you need add DNS Zones which you want to have access to.

If your subnet where you have a database is
Add this subnet to list like below

In the OCI DNS console go to the Private tab and find out what is DNS name for your ATP database to which you want to connect which is in the subnet to which you allowed connection – this is an important step. Not only network connection has to be available between PAC IPs and DB but DNS name of the database host has to match the allowed DNS entry in PAC configuration.

Sample of the DNS page – here you will find an entry that was automatically created when you setup a ATP database. ATP database will have a direct DNS name whic you will have on ATP page and in TNS but here you need to use this name which is realated to allowed DNS records.

Add entry to OAC JDBC connection – or data source

Good string which work for me from first time ( copy this record from tnsnames.ora file and change hostname)

jdbc:oracle:thin:@(description= (retry_count=20)(retry_delay=3)(address=(protocol=tcps)(port=1522)(

When I used this string - connection was estabilished from first try. If I used a hostname whic was defined in then tnsnames.ora file in wallet - I was getting failure 

Connect reqeust rejected based on current filtering fules

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